OYAKATA soups are a perfect combination of the most popular tastes of the Japanese cuisine of RAMEN soups style. OYAKATA Japanese Chicken is broth combined with a distinct taste of chicken, served with noodles and aromatic spices: ginger, garlic and black pepper with sesame seeds.  OYAKATA Miso soup owes soy paste its rich taste strengthened with the addition of chilli, ginger and pepper. OYAKATA Soy Sauce is an essential pasta soup, full of expressive soy flavor, rich in chives and black pepper. OYAKATA soups provide endless possibilities of being inspired with the Japanese cuisine in the preparation of own versions of soups by using available ingredients: vegetables, shrimp, pieces of meat e.g. chicken, etc.


Way of preparation:

  1. Crush noodles into a bowl, add seasonings from the sachet.
  2. Pour over with 450 ml of hot water.
  3. Cover and leave for 3 min.
  4. Stir, serve and enjoy straightaway


YUMYUM is an original brand of instant soups with noodles, thanks to which you can move into the world of aromatic spices and expressive flavors of Thailand.