Ajinomoto Poland Sp. z o.o. is a part of the Japanese corporation Ajinomoto Group specializing in food and pharmaceutical production. Based on the know-how of the native company in Japan, Ajinomoto Poland develops a line of Japanese instant soups and dishes with noodles under OYAKATA and YUMYUM brands. The company is also the producer for leading clients in Polish market, as well as the brands of major foregin customers from the European Union.

Management Board


Kenji Abe

V-ce President

Sergiusz Matusiak

Board Members

Masashi Hara, Masami Kashiwakura, Maiko Mori


To contribute to a happy and healthy life of all European consumers by providing delicious, convenient and innovative products with ‘speciality’ and solving social issues through unique knowledge and technology.


To become the leading food company with Japanese origin by providing delicious and good-quality products for all European consumers.

Company history

  1. Ajinomoto office in Poland

    The first Ajinomoto Europe Sales GmbH office in Warsaw was opened in 1997, which importing instant soups from Wan Thai Foods Industry Co., Ltd., Thailand, expanded it’s sales to the European market.
  2. Polish Ajinomoto branch

    In October 1999, Ajinomoto Group launched its Polish branch, Ajinomoto Poland Sp. z o.o., which was tasked with distributing instant noodle soups in European markets.
  3. Acquisition of shares in SAMSMAK Foods

    In 2003, Ajinomoto Co. Inc. bought shares in SAMSMAK Foods Sp. z o.o. along with the production facility in Małkinia Górna.
  4. Merger of Ajinomoto Poland and SAMSMAK Foods

    In 2004, Ajinomoto Poland Sp. z o.o. merged with SAMSMAK Foods Sp. z o.o. and started its own production and distribution of soups under the SAMSMAK and YumYum brands.
  5. Launching the OYAKATA brand

    Brand name OYAKATA means MASTER in Japanese. In 2008, the brand was introduced to the Polish market. The production of ramen soups in cups and bags involved 5 flavors: chicken, curry, miso ramen, soya souce ramen and pork ramen.
  6. Launching of the second production line

    In 2016, the second production line, designed in Japan, was launched at the Małkinia plant. A modern production line is used to produce instant soups in a cups, thanks to which the production efficiency has been tripled.
  7. Import YUMYUM soups from Thailand, distribution in Poland

    In 2019, original Thai soups in bags appeared on the Polish market. YUMYUM in three flavors: Shrimp, Chicken and Duck, were introduced by Wan Thai Foods Industry Company Limited.
  8. The 20th anniversary of Ajinomoto Poland

    The company celebrated it’s anniversary in 2019. During this time, a lot of investments in production were made. The product range was expanded, thanks to which the sales in Poland and expansion into foreign markets increased significantly.


At Ajinomoto Poland Sp. z o.o., we aim to maintain the satisfaction and trust of our customers. This is why our priorities are focused on quality, product safety and caring about the environment, as confirmed by a number of certificates obtained and maintained according to international ISO norms and standards.