OYAKATA will inspire you with the flavours of Asian cuisine. The liquid sauce in a sachet imparts a distinct aroma of herbs and spices to the dish and gives the noodles a supple texture. OYAKATA PAD THAI CHICKEN is a Thai style noodle dish with a distinctive tamarind paste and fish sauce combined with lime juice and a hint of peanuts. Aromatic spices: coriander and ginger, enhance the oriental nature of the dish. OYAKATA KOREAN BARBECUE is an oriental noodle dish inspired by Korean cuisine, with a characteristic barbecue flavour of beef in a sweet marinade of soy sauce and sesame oil combined with the spiciness of chilli. The products are available in cups for convenience and easy consumption.

Way of preparation:


YUMYUM is an original brand of instant soups with noodles, thanks to which you can move into the world of aromatic spices and expressive flavors of Thailand.