Why join Ajinomoto?

At Ajinomoto, we believe that the way to create true economic value is to engage in solving social problems. We call our values, which are in line with the interests of society, ASV (The Ajinomoto Group Creating Shared Value). We make efforts to address local nutritional issues and enrich the nutritional value of our consumers’ daily meals by providing them with information, products and services based on a deep understanding of the needs of people from different regions, ages, lifestyles and health conditions. We collaborate with local communities and contractors to live in harmony with the Earth and implement environmentally sustainable solutions in the execution of our company’s tasks. Through the company’s ongoing development, we support employees’ efforts to enjoy a fulfilling life and contribute to the well-being of society.

We create positive workplace based on open communication, equal treatment and the freedom to put forward innovative ideas, while respecting the diversity, personality and individuality of our employees. We respect each individual and make employee safety and health our priority. We welcome all people who share our values, whether they are just starting their careers with us or bring with them a wealth of professional experience.